Animal Rights Group Files Complaint Of 'False, Deceptive Advertising' Against Luke Bryan

May 1, 2024 - News

Animal rights group Animal Partisan has filed a complaint against Luke Bryan and the National Pork Board with the US Federal Trade Commission in an attempt to stop alleged “false” and “deceptive” advertising, via Access Wire.

The complaint stems from a video in which the National Pork Board claimed a five-star hotel was comparable with “modern pig farms”. The video, endorsed by Bryan, was released in 2022 and originally featured Bryan supporting pig farmers.

However, the video that’s now on YouTube has been modified to remove Bryan’s appearance, but the singer has promoted the white meat focus group on his social media accounts.

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The National Pork Board’s video advertisement shows a focus group listening as the moderator discusses a “five-star hotel” with the participants. As the video goes on, participants are visibly positively surprised by the hotel’s description, and the moderator reveals that they were actually talking about a “modern pig farm.”

Animal Partisan’s complaint alleges that the National Pork Board’s advertisement (and Luke Bryan’s input) violates “federal law intended to prevent deceptive advertising”.

Within the complaint, Animal Partisan allege that the advertisement’s depiction of pig farms isn’t an accurate description of current pork industry practices and cites numerous undercover investigations that animal rights organisations have conducted to support its arguments.

Animal Partisan urges the Federal Trade Commission to “intervene” and “prevent further dissemination of the video.”

The full complaint is here, but readers should be aware that the report includes images of alleged instances of animal cruelty.

At the time of publication, Luke Bryan hasn’t publicly responded to the complaint.

Last week, Luke Bryan made headlines after he slipped on a fan’s phone and fell on stage.

Laughing the major mishap off, the Country Girl singer stood up and immediately asked the crowd, “Did anybody get that?” 

Before showing his audience a recap of the fall, Bryan turned to the fan who caused the incident, throwing them their phone and telling them, “It’s okay”.

He didn’t let them off too quickly though, jokingly saying, “My lawyer will be calling.”

Bryan added, “Hey, I needed something viral. This is viral, alright?”

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