Moccasin Creek

The homegrown sound of Moccasin Creek is the most progressive and raw voice to hit the music scene since Hank Williams Jr and Jamey Johnson. No softly crooning southern gentlemen here, just good ole boys from the scrubs of Palatka, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee. This is the real south and it isn’t pretty. Dismantling the current crop of gentlemen and sweethearts, they feed the intense craving for hard-lined lyrics depicting hard-lived lives. When you hear fist-punch poetry blended with knuckle-grinding guitar, you know you’re staring down the barrel of Moccasin Creek.

Jeff McCool (“Brahma Bull”)

This is one front man who has the talent to back up the attitude. Double-wide? Check. Livestock arm tat? Check. Mesh-back ball cap and skoal ring? Check. Jeff is 100% authentic redneck, but he’s also a former star athlete who holds a place in the Florida High School Athletics as the Class 5A Player of the year for Florida Football and still holds all passing records at Palatka High School. Jeff was a 2 sports athlete as he also excelled in baseball with 3 time All County Honors and being named All State his Senior Year. Jeff went on to play 4 years of College football at the University of Cincinnati and Charleston University respectively followed by a two year pro career in the Arena Football League.

In 2006, Jeff Formed the group Dubblewide and built up a large following throughout the State of Florida. In 2010, Jeff moved to Nashville to advance his music career and met Charlie Bonnet III on the Kinfoke Project. There was instant Chemistry and Moccasin Creek was born.

Charlie Bonnet III (“CB3”)

Turn to the page in the Webster Dictionary that gives the meaning of the word Rock N Roll and there will be a pictures of Charlie Bonnet III bashing someone’s face in with his guitar. There is nothing subtle about his playing style. He is wide open from start to finish. A former front man and founder of the Heavy Metal Band Disarray, Charlie’s roots are in playing hard and heavy. This ain’t Justin Beiber or the New Kids on the Block that you are coming to see.

Charlie has been involved in music since he was 5 years old. He grew up a few houses down from David Allan Coe and was hooked every since. Over the past 15 years Charlie has released 5 CD’s with Disarray and another 2 as a solo artist featuring his abilities as an acoustic singer and songwriter.

Early in Charlie’s career he worked for a promotions company and had the pleasure of working with just about everyone traveling the Country to include: Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Def Leppard, Kenny Chesney just to name a few. He also had the pleasure of working on a few major productions to include: CMT Crossroads, CMA Music Festival and the CMA Music Awards.

In conjunction with Nashville Record Producer Chip Martin, Charlie is nearing the completion of his much-anticipated solo album featuring his original country and southern rock works as well

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