In Case You Missed It. Morgan Wallen Takes Over London With Historic Concert

July 8, 2024 -

On a cool July 4th evening, the air in London buzzed with an unusual excitement. Not for the typical fireworks commemorating American Independence Day, but for something far more groundbreaking. Morgan Wallen was about to make history at the iconic BST Hyde Park. With a staggering 50,000 fans in attendance, Wallen’s debut at the festival not only marked his return to the U.K. but also set the record for the largest country concert ever held in the nation.

Morgan Wallen performs on July 4, 2024 at BST Hyde Park in London | Photo Credit: @jrcmccord

The city itself was a canvas for Wallen’s arrival. His album cover art for “One Thing At A Time” was projected across four of London’s most famous landmarks: Camden, Southbank, Tate Modern, and Wellington Arch. These visual spectacles were a precursor to the grand event, a teaser for the magic that was about to unfold at Hyde Park.

Credit: Jos Newbold

The crowd, a sea of eager faces, had gathered for more than just music. They came to witness a piece of country music history. Wallen’s setlist was a journey through his impressive repertoire, featuring 24 songs that spanned his career. The show opened with the explosive energy of pyrotechnics, setting the tone for an unforgettable night. Among the highlights was a solo rendition of his current single “I Had Some Help” and an acoustic performance of the newly-released “Lies Lies Lies.” The night reached its peak as Wallen performed “The Way I Talk,” a nostalgic nod to his 2018 debut album “If I Know Me.”

“Lies Lies Lies,” a song with deep ties to London, was a special treat for the audience. Written by Jessie Jo Dillon, Josh Miller, Daniel Ross, and Chris Tompkins, and produced by Joey Moi, the track was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Its release was timed perfectly with Wallen’s return, making it a poignant moment for both the artist and his fans. The song, part of Wallen’s “Abbey Road Sessions,” commemorated the one-year anniversary of his record-breaking third studio album, “One Thing At A Time.”

Wallen’s impact wasn’t just musical; it was also philanthropic. Every ticket sold for his concerts contributes to The Morgan Wallen Foundation (MWF), which supports children’s access to sports and music. In London, MWF donated $20,000 to London Youth Choirs (LYC), an organization dedicated to improving access to music for disadvantaged young people. Wallen’s generosity will help LYC in their mission to empower young voices through the power of music.

The concert was not just a singular event but the start of something bigger. Wallen’s success in the U.K. is a testament to the global appeal of country music, breaking barriers and reaching new audiences. With “I Had Some Help” dominating the Billboard Hot 100 and Country Airplay charts, Wallen’s influence is undeniable. The song’s rapid rise to No. 1 on multiple charts, including the U.K., Australia, and Canada, underscores his international reach.

Morgan Wallen’s Hyde Park performance was more than just a concert; it was a celebration of country music’s growing presence on the global stage. As he gears up for his first-ever European tour, starting in Stockholm on August 28, fans across the continent eagerly await his arrival. With stops in cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Glasgow, and culminating in two nights in Dublin, Wallen is set to continue his European conquest, bringing his unique blend of country music to new and enthusiastic audiences.

For those who witnessed the historic Hyde Park takeover, it was an evening of unforgettable music, community, and a shared love for the storytelling art of country music. Morgan Wallen’s journey is a testament to the power of music to cross borders, unite fans, and make history.

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