She may have more than a million followers on Instagram but, in reality, Luke Bryan‘s wife Caroline is just another world-weary mom trying to raise the best humans that she can. So when she took to the social media platform the other day to detail a “mortifying” bad mom moment, thousands of Luke Bryan fans and Caroline Bryan followers could relate, sharing their own parenting fails.

In a tell-all video that she shared with fans, Caroline explained that prior to picking up hers and Luke Bryan’s kids, as well as some of their kids’ friends from school the other day, she’d headed to the office to pick up a bottle of Tito’s vodka. In the clip, she explained, “The other day, I was at the office early in the morning, and I had friends coming over that night…so I grabbed a bottle of vodka from the office.”

Comically, she quipped, “Thanks Tito’s, you ruined my reputation again,” laughing, “Kiddin’.”

Later in the day, after sticking the bottle in the back seat of her car, she headed to school to grab the kids, and as they were piling in the car, the bottle of Tito’s slipped out, crashing onto the pavement and sending liquor and glass all over the ground, in front of teachers, parents, and students.

Resigned, Luke Bryan’s wife said, “There’s no telling what these people think of me. I’m mortified.”

Fortunately, one nearby teacher was kind enough to step forward and help Caroline pick up the glass. In her caption, Luke Bryan’s wife wrote, “I don’t always embarrass myself…but when I do, Titos is typically involved! Tell me your embarrassing story…help me feel better!”

Fans were quick to comply.

Luke Bryan Fans Share Their Funniest Parenting Fails

Few things are more embarrassing as a mom than (literally) losing your liquor in front of an audience full of parents, students, and teachers. However, in an effort to make Caroline feel a little bit better, country music fans flocked to the comments to share their own parenting fails.

One fan shared a story similar to Caroline’s. They wrote, “Dropping my son off in the morning at school in the pick up line. I open [the] back door to let him out and kid you not 3 empty Busch cans fall out in front of the teachers. I was horrified and was explaining the empty cooler fell & havnt cleaned my truck out yet.”

A teacher on Instagram assured Luke Bryan’s wife that the broken Tito’s bottle probably hardly phased the nearby educators. They explained, “I am a teacher and I assure you if a busted bottle of vodka is all that rolled out those teachers were not phased. You would not believe some of the things that fall out of cars or the aromas that flow out!”

A third person quipped, “It’s OK if it falls out of your car, as long as a small bottle of vodka doesn’t fall out of your purse #beenthere.”

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