Michael Ray’s Moonshine Ode to His Grandparents and His Family History

April 20, 2022 - Country Music News

Michael Ray’s current single at country radio is “Holy Water.”

This is the one of the 7-tracks on Michael’s Higher Education EP, and the follow up song to his number-one hit “Whiskey And Rain.”

“Holy Water” is personal song to Michael has it actually contains elements of his family’s history…when they were dealing with…let’s call it “holy water.”

Michael jokes that most singers give their grandparents song about love…while he went a different route, “I guess in a way it’s a little ode to the grandparents you know…some people will write love, dance songs for their grandparents…I’ve got a moonshine song so you know – everybody’s different.” (laugh)

Check out Michael Ray’s family history in “Holy Water”

Photo Credit: Sean Hagwell

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