Morgan Wallen Teases Mystery New Song

January 13, 2024 - News

Morgan Wallen has shared a devastating snippet of an unreleased ballad that might be called I Guess – if his latest Instagram video and caption are anything to go by, anyway.

Anchored just by an acoustic guitar, Wallen details a broken-down relationship where both parties claim the other person is the problem, with the Last Night singer sounding confused as he sings through complex emotions.

In what could possibly make Wallen’s next big country single, he sings, “I guess I’m the problem/ You’re miss never do no wrong/ If I’m so awful, then why’d you stick around this long? And if it’s the whiskey, then why do you keep on pullin’ it off the shelf? You hate that when you look at me/ You halfway see yourself”.

The new teaser has already received praise from Wallen’s fans and music peers alike, with Parker McCollum urging the singer to release the song as it is despite its raw, unpolished nature. “Release that exactly how it is. So good,” McCollum wrote on Instagram.

Canadian singer-songwriter Josh Ross added, “Damn if that ain’t the truth in a song”, while hip-hop-meets-country artist Trey Lewis wrote, “Man, this a repeat play all day.”

You can check out I Guess below.

Last month, Wallen (accidentally?) dropped a surprise new trackI Had Some Help. He tagged Post Malone, Ernest and producer Charlie Handsome, but the song was deleted almost as quickly as it appeared. The unreleased track was later posted on YouTube.

Also in December, Wallen tested genre boundaries once more after locking in a surprise cameo in Drake’s music video for You Broke My Heart. The two appear together in a fancy restaurant before having their car blown up by vengeful exes.

If Wallen does end up releasing new music soon, it’ll prove that he’s in a creative spot that shows no signs of slowing down, having only released his album One Thing At A Time last March.

If Wallen’s record sales and tour attendance are anything to go by, he has been crowned the highest-grossing country touring artist of 2023, setting himself up nicely for another massive year with stadium tours on the cards.

Wallen is the biggest star in country music right now, with Last Night announced as the most successful country radio hit in Australia last year and his recent Australian tour breaking records.

In Australia, Morgan Wallen is the fifth most streamed artist on Spotify behind Taylor Swift, DrakeThe Weeknd and Ed Sheeran.

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