On Mother’s Day Thomas Rhett Admits He’d Be Lost Without his Wife Lauren

May 8, 2022 - Country Music News

Thomas Rhett took to social media to show appreciation for his wife, and mother to his 4 daughters, Lauren.

Thomas wrote, “I chose this picture to lead off your happy Mother’s Day post because I think it describes our life to a T right now. haha”

Thomas continues, “Honey today is Mother’s Day but it should also be called ‘happy patience day’ ‘happy how the heck do you do it but you just do day’ ‘happy most beautiful human alive day’ I could go on and on.”

“You truly are part angel, part woman. I thank God everyday you chose to spend your life with me. You are the best momma our kids could ever ask for.”

“Having 4 little ones is no joke and you do it with such patience, love and grace. It’s inspiring. I hope that today you feel peace, relaxation and the bliss of a good margarita! I love you so much babe!”

“Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all the mommas out there making it happen. We’d be lost without you”

While there have been many changes to Thomas Rhett’s life since his 2018 smash hit “Life Changes” – this gives a glimpse into the country couple’s life.

And just asking for a friend…is there a sequel coming, Thomas?

Photos Courtesy of Thomas Rhett

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