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Gear that’s portable and packable is a fantastic asset to have in your rig. Keeping your gear light is ideal for camping, great for small spaces, and saves on storage in your rig. Little things can pack a big punch. Even if those little things are silly, if they increase your joy and make you have more fun on your next adventure, then they’re worth it. In this edition of Gear Box, we’re bringing you some packable gear that’s worth the space in your rig.

Mystery Ranch/Superset 30

This versatile bag meets all of your needs with deployable shoulder pads, side grab handles and body panel zip access. With both top loading and full duffel style access to the main bag, you choose how to use it. Organize your packable gear however you want, as a bonus compartment is included for a quick change of clothes, shoes or for stashing items you want to keep separate from your other gear.

MSRP: $165

Puffin Drinkwear/The Lumberjack

When you’re busy doing woodsy lumberjacky things, this plaid flannel hoodie insulates your bevvy and keeps your hands warm so you can focus on what’s important—like trees ‘n’ stuff. Find us a beverage that doesn’t look dashing dressed like a lumberjack. Go on, we’ll wait. The Lumberjack fits 12 ounce beverage cans.

MSRP: $18

Peak Design/Mobile Tripod

The Mobile Tripod is a precision-machined, buttery-smooth tripod for the most packable camera out there: your phone. Ultra-portable and pocket-friendly, it packs down to just a half-centimeter thick. Ultra-strong MagSafe-compatible magnets snap it to the back of your phone with a satisfying ‘pop’ and aluminum legs with anti-slip vibration-damping feet keep it steady. Requires a Peak Design Case or Universal Adapter (sold separately), also works with MagSafe phones and phone cases.

MSRP: $80

Melin/A-Game Hydrop

Keep your noggin dry with this performance snapback hat. Melin’s A-Game Hydro was engineered with hydrophobic technology on its crown panels, which are designed to bead away water and prevent absorption. Constructed with durable materials, the hat is water repellant, floatable, and breathable.

MSRP: $69

Bajío /Palometa

Molded in Bajío’s proprietary bio-based nylon that offers an incredible strength to weight ratio, the lightweight Palometa offers serious comfort and extreme durability. Its medium-sized frame features a wrap-around style with plenty of sun protection and light blocking protection. Bajío’s ultra-clear, polarized, color-enhancing lenses with proprietary LAPIS technology blocks 95% of blue light, which helps combat haze, glare and eye strain.

MSRP: starts at $199

Snow Peak/Home & Camp Lantern

Light is always available with Snow Peak’s rechargeable and portable Home & Camp Lantern. The bright lantern has a USB charger, adjustable handle, and dimmable warm-toned light. To use it, simply push the power button once to turn it on and again to turn it off. The lantern’s brightness can be adjusted by holding down the power button.

MSRP: $160

Solo Stove/Bonfire 2.0

The Bonfire 2.0 is a fire pit that’s built for the backyard and beyond. With it, you can easily light up smoke-free fires anywhere life takes you. This latest version includes a removable base plate and ash pan for easy ash clean up. Designed with Solo Stove’s Signature 360° Airflow, the easy to use and ultra packable Bonfire 2.0 heats air to a high degree, to burn off smoke before it can get to your clothes, hair, and gear. How great is that? Includes a handy carrying case.

MSRP: $400

Jetboil/Stash Cooking System

Jetboil knows your dreams are big and bright. Which is why they designed the all-new Stash to be lightweight and compact, making the best of your pack space without losing out on Jetboil’s iconic performance. At 7.1 ounces, the .8L Stash is light enough to be carried in your pack without feeling it. The kit includes a stand-alone stove with titanium burner, 0.8L FluxRing cook pot with lid, and a fuel stabilizer keeps everything stable. The Jetpower fuel is sold separately.

MSRP: $135

Editor’s Note: A version of this story previously appeared in the November/December 2022 issue of Tread Magazine.

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