Pinto World Championship Show 2022

June 5, 2022 - Blog

Taking place June 14th – 26th, Cowboy Lifestyle Network wants to welcome you to the Pinto World Championship Show 2022! The Pinto World Championship Show is a 13-day horse show held every year in Tulsa, OK. There isn’t a shortage of things to check out as there are 800 different classes of shows that cater to all different ages and levels of horseback riders. The class types include stock, hunter, pleasure, saddle, utilities, miniatures, and ponies. The prizes for this year’s show include buckles, ribbons, chairs, rose garlands, and saddles which are awarded to the World Champions, Reserve World Champions, and high point winners. This is a great event for the whole family! This year will mark 57 years for the Pinto National Show, which is now known as the Pinto World Championship.

Event Information

Date: June 14 – June 26, 2021Time: 7:30 AMLocation: Built Ford Tough Livestock ComplexTickets: FREEContact Information: (405) 491-0111 | worldshow@pinto.org

WCHA Yellow Rose “All Breed” Halter Futurity

The WCHA Yellow Rose “All Breed” Halter Futurity will be held on June 17th in conjunction with the 2022 Pinto World Championship.  Please visit their website at https://www.conformationhorse.com/yellow-rose-futurity/yr-forms-info/  for more information.

About the  Pinto Horse Association of America

The Pinto Horse Association of America was formed in 1956 to not only start a registry for horses, ponies, and miniatures with color but also to track pedigrees and promote the Pinto. The PtHA® has expanded through the years and now offers three different registries consisting of the Color Registry, the Solid Registry, and the Long Ear registry. One thing that makes this association unique is that all equines, no matter the size or breeding, can now qualify to be registered in one of the three PtHA® Registries. Right now, the association serves approximately 88,000 members and has more than 157,000 registered Pintos. For more information, you can visit pintohorse.org.

History of the Breed

Originally found in Spain, the Pinto horse was introduced to North America by the Spaniards and other European explorers coming over to North America. The color patterns are unique all on their own and have been traced back to the Spanish Barb horses that had been crossed with other European breeds including Russian and Arabian strains. When the Spanish Pinto herds were brought to North America, these horses mixed with the wild horses and were later domesticated by the Native Americans.

The Pinto Horse Association® started from a grassroots movement to selectively breed horses for good color and conformation. Several horsemen in the 1930s formed the Pinto Horse® Society with the purpose of breeding superior colored horses. The registry they created is the basis of what is now known as the Pinto Horse Association of America Inc.®

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