Randy Rogers and his band have been making smoking-hot country music for more than 20 years. The Texas native has been all over the nation and played in front of countless fans. Additionally, the band has released nine studio albums and a handful of live albums. To say that Rogers and his band are established would be an understatement. However, he still gets nervous around George Strait.

Can you blame him, though? Strait is one of the most successful country artists of all time. He has dozens of chart-topping singles, a stack of Platinum albums, and more cowboy clout than you could shake a stick at. As a Texas-born country artist, Randy Rogers grew up idolizing guys like King George and Willie Nelson. You’d be hard-pressed to find an artist – or anybody for that matter – who didn’t feel their palms sweat a little in the presence of a legendary figure like Strait.

Recently, Randy Rogers appeared on Tracy Lawrence’s Podcast TL Roadhouse. While there, he shared some humorous stories from his time on the road. One of the funniest moments of the show came when Rogers relived the embarrassing moment he shared with George Strait.

Randy Rogers Tries to Play It Cool and Fails

During the conversation, Randy Rogers said that he gets nervous around George Strait, even after sharing the stage with him and Willie Nelson last spring. Tracy Lawrence, a hitmaking machine in his own right, agreed. “I still get nervous around George, man,” Lawrence admitted. “I do, man. I’ve looked up to him since I was a little kid. He has influenced so many of us.”

Randy Rogers said that he and his band participate in Strait’s Vaqueros del Mar golf tournament to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project every year. “We do his golf tournament every year… and it’s such a great event. But, it’s a long event. It starts on Sunday and you don’t leave until Wednesday and there’s Codigo on every hole,” Rogers said. “It’s just tequila heaven constantly.”

As Lawrence pointed out, Codigo is Strait’s brand of tequila. Rogers hoped to build a little rapport with his idol by bonding over booze. “I remember, I walked up to him one tournament and I was like, ‘Hey, George.’ Because I don’t know what to say to George right? I was like, ‘Hey man, I really like your tequila. The rosé.”

George Strait didn’t waste any time correcting him. Rogers recalled, “He goes, ‘It’s Rosa, Randy.’ He just rolled his eyes and walked off.”

Both Rogers and Lawrence burst out laughing at this. The “Time Marches On” singer got his composure and said, “Rosé is a wine, man.”

Randy Rogers added, “That’s what’s cool about George. He just rolled his eyes and walked off.”

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