When it comes to chores around the ranch, you always want to pack light, while also making sure you have everything you need to get the job done. This is exactly what rancher, Bill Masters was looking for when he received his MAX® Tool Kit. We were able to sit down and ask Bill about his experience with the MAX® Tool Kit to see how it’s come in handy around the ranch and if he would recommend the tool to his friends and family. Let’s dig in!

Bill Masters

Q: What were your initial thoughts on using the Forrest MAX® Tool Kit?

Bill: At first I thought this was going to be just another “all-purpose “ tool, but once I opened the box I was thrilled to find a high-quality and well-made tool kit that was going to do everything I needed it to.

The MAX® Multi-Purpose Toolkit

Q: What types of projects did you use the MAX Tool Kit on?

Bill: I used the ax to split wood and cut kindling for my wood stove, which worked amazingly and was very well-balanced. I used the shovel in camp for the fire pit, which was handy instead of packing a full shovel on the trip. The rake was perfect to clear away pine cones and rocks to set up the wall tent for camping. Then the pick attachment was great to dig up rocks to smooth out the ground for the tent as well.

Bill Masters with The MAX® Tool Kit

Q: How did the performance stand up to your expectations?

Bill: It far exceeded my expectations. As mentioned earlier I was expecting a standard multipurpose tool but instead, I found one that was well thought out, easy to use, and of very high quality. This is a tool that will meet the US Forest Service requirements for camping and wood cutting. I will for sure have one in my camp all the time!

Bill Masters using The MAX® Tool Kit

Q: If you were to recommend this tool to someone, what would you say to them?

Bill: Buy one and never look back! It takes up very little space but still serves a handful of uses. It is very well made and I am quite sure it will last a very long time. And oh, be careful, that ax is sharp!

If you’ve been looking for a does-it-all tool to add to your collection, then you can stop looking. Unlike other bulky tool kits that take up valuable space, this tool comes with eight commonly used tools all in one lightweight, easy-to-carry, and stow case. One of the things we love most about the MAX® is that it is proudly manufactured in the USA and is a standard piece of equipment on Army Light Tactical Vehicles.

About Forrest Tool Company

Forrest Tool Company has been creating rugged and military-grade tools for more than 25 years. It was important to them from day one to provide their customers with a product that could not only withstand the toughest conditions but also be proudly made in America. When you make the purchase of your Forrest Tool, you are making a one-time investment in a tool that will last a lifetime. Made in America, and trusted by the military, you can’t go wrong with this all-in-one tool.

The MAX® Tool Kit

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