Sara Berki’s AFL Cover Of 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' Goes Viral

June 3, 2024 - News

Sara Berki’s stunning cover of the John Denver classic Take Me Home, Country Roads has gone viral – even attracting the attention of the popular entertainment page Classic Airwaves on Facebook.

With her rendition of Take Me Home, Country Roads, Berki has gone international and opened up her fanbase to people of all ages and all genre preferences.

Classic Airwaves praised Berki’s performance, calling it a “defining moment” that ended up “seamlessly blending the worlds of sports and music into an unforgettable experience”.

The publication also declared Berki’s performance a “tranquil respite” from the energy of the AFL match between Carlton and Brisbane at the Gabba in March, which momentarily transported viewers “to a place of emotional resonance and shared nostalgia.”

Responding to the post and the comments from her new fans, Berki wrote, “My goodness, thank you for all your heart felt comments! I’m feeling really grateful 🤍 makes me feel so lucky to be doing what I’m doing!

“An enormous amount of appreciation to the wonderful Beau Hatch and Luke Moller of course, those boys carried the performance whilst I was trying not to cry! Haha it was such a special, overwhelming experience.”

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Berki’s performance of Take Me Home, Country Roads has gathered over 7.5 million views across all video-sharing platforms. It has more than 2.5 million views on Berki’s YouTube channel, with millions more coming from TikTok, Facebook, and elsewhere.

Telling Countrytown about the impact of her covering John Denver has had on her career, Berki said: “I know it’s a really cliche thing to say, but I did not think that the most well-known country song could connect with that many people in the way that it has.

“I don’t know, it’s a very different way of hearing it as well, my version of how I sing it; I like to think it’s my take on a classic.”

You can watch Sara Berki’s cover of Take Me Home, Country Roads below.

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