This Week’s Hot Country Hits: Chloe Styler, ERNEST, Morgan Wade & More

April 12, 2024 - News

Gosh dang, what a week it’s been for scorchin’ new country tunes! Not only were we blessed with spicy new releases from some of Australia’s finest up-and-comers, like Chloe Styler (who just dropped Twenty Five), Kirsty Lee Akers (who went all out with Girls Are Why The West Is Wild) and Katie Brooke (whose new cut Can’t Fake That is destined to be a hit), but the international heavyweights were out in full force: ERNEST came in guns blazing with his wicked new Lainey Wilson collab Would If I Could, for example, while Morgan Wade delivered another instant classic in Time To Love, Time To Kill, and Slash got fans going absolutely mental with his Chris Stapleton collab Oh Well.

With all of that in mind, now seems like as good a time as any to remind you – or clue you in, if you didn’t know already – that we have our very own playlist dedicated to bringing you the best new music from all corners of the country music landscape, fittingly named Hot Country Hits Australia. We update it every Friday with more than a dozen of the brand new tracks we simply can’t get enough of, giving you the ultimate soundtrack to fuel your weekend.

You can listen to the Hot Country Hits Australia playlist on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here) – and make sure to hit us up on Instagram or Facebook to let us know what songs you’ve been loving!

Here are just a few of our personal favourites from this week’s update to the playlist…

Chloe Styler – Twenty Five

WHAT SHE SAYS: “It feels really special to be sharing a part of my inner monologue with you all, but it’s one that feels so universally shared by anyone that’s ever felt a little lost along the way. Still in my twenties… Still don’t know what I want… But I’m way more comfortable with letting it all work out (because it always does in the end)!”

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ERNEST – Would If I Could (ft. Lainey Wilson)

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Morgan Wade – Time To Love, Time To Kill

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Also featured in this week’s Hot Country Hits playlist:

Kirsty Lee AkersGirls Are Why The West Is Wild

SlashOh Well (ft. Chris Stapleton)

Hayley JensenStomping Ground

Dan DavidsonJust Don’t Forget

Morgan EvansSay What You Want (Live At The Sydney Opera House)

Elsie LangeSally

Katie BrookeCan’t Fake That

Listen to the full playlist on Spotify below – or head here to save/follow on Spotify, and here to save/follow on Apple Music.

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