VIDEO PREMIERE: Aaron Jurd – 'Freedom Rings'

March 6, 2024 - News

Today is a good day for emerging Lake Macquarie artist Aaron Jurd, as the music video for his latest single, Freedom Rings, is exclusively premiered on Countrytown today.

Filmed by Jeremy Minett from Eyes + Ears Creative in the Hunter Valley, the clip for Freedom Rings fits with the song’s already nostalgic atmosphere, with Jurd hanging out at the Brown Muir Cottage, making his way through a field, and writing about his very own Freedom Rings.

Part of the video finds Jurd transported back in time – the song mentions the 1980s, but the scenes resemble the 1950s more in fashion choices and expectations set on women.

It’s a powerful protest video that finds the singer blending historical milestones, including Martin Luther King‘s activism, women’s liberation movements and resilience demonstrated during world wars.

Freedom Rings was written by Jurd, with the singer working on production alongside Jared Adlam in the Gold Coast.

You can watch the music video below.

In a statement, Jurd described the song as “deeply personal” and the “best song [he’s] written, lyrically”, and it’s easy to understand why when watching the music video.

Here’s what Jurd had to say about Freedom Rings: “This song is deeply personal to me. It’s a reminder of how far we’ve come as a society and a call to action to keep pushing for positive change. I wanted to capture the essence of historical events and translate them into a contemporary narrative that resonates with audiences today.”

He continued, “I’m incredibly proud of this song. I think it’s the best song I’ve written, lyrically, so I’m hoping people can listen to the lyrics and understand that these events I sing about are not so far in the past, and yet we have come so far in a fairly short space of time.”

Next month, Jurd will open Dubbo’s Stock Route Music Festival after winning the festival’s Emerging Talent Competition via public voting on social media. He joins a line-up led by co-headliners Dan Davidson and Travis Collins, as well as Australian country music icons Ashleigh Dallas, The Bushwackers, Max Jackson, and 2023 Toyota Star Maker finalist Robbie Mortimer.

In 2020, Jurd won the Tamworth Songwriters Association award for Young Songwriter of the Year – understandably so when he’s putting out songs like Freedom Rings.

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