VIDEO PREMIERE: Mak & Shar – 'Best Thing'

May 22, 2024 - News

Australian award-winning country-pop sibling duo Mak & Shar are about to release a new music video, but Countrytown has an exclusive premiere for Best Thing ready for you to watch below.

The video finds the brothers packing guitars in the pack of their car before showcasing the Aussie country life while bringing up “California dreams”.

The music video, produced by their brother, Tay Fahey-Leigh, was shot outside Mak & Shar’s family farm in Mudgee, 261 kilometres north-west of Sydney. The sweet family video tracks the duo as they describe the “best thing” that’s ever happened to them.

Mak & Shar, who you may previously know from Brothers3 fame on The X Factor Australia, have climbed up the Country Radio Chart with Best Thing, which was produced by Matt Fell (Troy Cassar-Daley, Shane Nicholson, Sara Storer).

In a statement, Shar commented, “Best Thing was written about that special someone in your life. It’s nice to look back and remember all the amazing moments in a relationship—little things that pop into your head that you forget about and suddenly remember.”

Mak added, “There’s a line in Best Thing that says, ‘the day you took the diamond ring’, and that takes me back to the day I proposed to my wife. Songwriting is such a personal experience, and it can be incredible to share with the world. People resonate with songs in different ways, and it’s so awesome to see how they respond to our music.”

Last month, Best Thing was named one of Countrytown’s Hot Country Hits, along with songs by MacKenzie Porter, Chris Stapleton, Zac & George, Brooke Schubert, and more.

Best Thing was recorded in less than two days in the brothers’ Mudgee professional home studio. The duo played everything on the single, “from drums, piano, bass and guitar to harmonica, mandolin and even slide guitar,” they explained.

You can watch the music video for Best Thing, exclusively premiering on Countrytown, below.

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