Video: Staccato CS vs Oracle OA 2311 Compact Pro. Which Is the Better Carry Gun?

May 30, 2024 - Blog

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On some level, every hunter and shooter makes gear comparisons, trying to select the best product for our needs. It turns out that the high-end pistol market is not immune to comparisons, and the biggest question I’ve had since first firing the OA Defense 2311 Compact Pro back at SHOT Show 2024 was, could this be a better option than the Staccato CS that I’ve been carrying for a year? Now that I’ve shot the hell out of both pistols and also had the chance for some serious self-examination, I know the answer.

Baseline: The Staccato CS

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There are many great concealed-carry guns on the market, and you certainly don’t need a high-end pistol for effective protection. That said, I’ve shot thousands of rounds through many CC guns and the shootability of the Staccato CS 2011 demonstrated a performance gap that was undeniable. Shooting side by side with my Glock G19, it made me want to pitch the Glock in the garbage can on my way out the door (figuratively). Within the first couple months, I fired over 2,000 rounds through the CS, wrote a full review, and fell hard for it. The excellent trigger break and reset allow precise manipulation, and the ergonomics and recoil system combine to built a pistol that stays on target during even the fastest strings. I no longer get attached to guns easily, which made my infatuation even more significant. 

As of 2024, the Staccato CS has been my EDC, and hasn’t given me a lick of trouble. Still, I’ve always got an eye open for anything that might impress me even more. They are, after all, just guns. I try to remain at least a bit objective, and if a piece of gear is clearly more advantageous, I won’t ignore it. Considering its attributes though, any gun is going to have an uphill battle to knock it from its podium.

Staccato CS Pros

Compact with 16+1-round capacity

Soft recoil

Great trigger

Excellent accuracy

Ultra fast shooting

Staccato CS Cons

Magazines are expensive

Won’t slide lock with some magazines

A New Flavor: The OA Defense OA 2311 Compact Pro

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The 2311 pistols caught my eye back in 2023 as the startup company debuted as Oracle Arms. Their new pistols were similar to 2011s and 2011-style pistols in that they operated like a 1911 or 2011 and featured a short frame to which a polymer grip module was attached. They are distinctly different though — they’re designed to use Sig P320-pattern magazines. These quality magazines are dependable, more affordable, and more available than the niche 2011 magazines, especially considering the military adoption of Sig P320 variants. Other notable features included built-in gas-pedal-like thumb rests on the front portion of the grip module and different magwell options. 

I wasn’t able to get my hands on a 2311 in 2023, but I got to shoot the new-for-2024 OA 2311 Compact Pro model at Shot Show 2024 and was floored by how flat-shooting the pistol was. This could be my new favorite, I thought quietly to myself. I had to get one. 

I did manage to wrangle a 2311 Compact Pro, fire a couple thousand rounds through it, and write a full review. There were a few hiccups in the process, but the 2311 proved to be an ultra-flat-shooting, accurate pistol with even less muzzle flip than my Staccato.

OA Defense 2311 Compact Pro Pros

Porting greatly reduces muzzle flip 


Good trigger

Great optics options

Includes five magazines

OA Defense 2311 Compact Pro Cons

Rough break-in period required more than 300 rounds

Odd wear patterns inside slide and behind disconnector

Side By Side

Ultimately, deciding which gun is best depends on your tastes and needs. It’s likely that you’ll prefer the ergonomics of one pistol over the other, and you might be able to manipulate the controls much more easily on pistol A vs. pistol B. Here’s a chart of which pistol has the edge in several important categories — at least according to my tastes and evaluation.

CategoryStaccato CSOA 2311 Compact ProReliabilityXAccuracyXSpeedXRecoil managementXTriggerXErgonomicsXAmbidextrous ControlsXOptic Mounting OptionsXIncluded mags and accessoriesXPrice$2,600$2,350

Staccato CS vs. Oracle OA 2311 Compact Pro: An Objective Takeaway

Both the Staccato CS and the OA 2311 Compact Pro are excellent pistols worthy of their price point. The only gripe of any significance that I have about the 2311 was its rough break in and odd wear patterns. It took about  300 rounds, but after that reliability didn’t seem to be a problem. 

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Objectively, I can’t justify ditching my Staccato to make the 2311 my EDC main squeeze, but it’s mostly a matter of ergonomics for me. The Staccato fits in my hand better, and that accentuates the other minor differences in performance between the two. The CS has a 1911 grip angle and fills my hand well, but the humped grip of the OA 2311 doesn’t fit as tightly in the web of my hand. The grip geometry of the 2311 is in-large, a product of using the sig magazines. If you really like the feel of the 2311, that’s probably going to be the better choice for you.

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