Zach Bryan Doesn’t Want To Be On Pop Radio

May 30, 2024 - News

Zach Bryan has addressed his latest single, Pink Skies, being serviced to pop radio in a not-so-calm and then more relaxed manner.

Bryan, an artist who pulls from country, indie, folk, and classic rock songwriting styles, doesn’t consider himself a pop artist and doesn’t understand why the song was being serviced to pop stations.

Responding to a Whiskey Riff article about the song storming up the charts – including the all-genres chart on iTunes – Bryan wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter), “This is fucked, I never approved this, why is Pink Skies at Pop radio”.

In another post, he wrote, “PINK SKIES IS NOT A POP SONG”. Replying to a fan who considered his music more country/indie, Bryan said, “So then why is it at Pop radio” and retweeted posts from fans incredulous about Pink Skies described as a pop song.

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Describing why the ordeal was bothering him, the Something In The Orange singer continued, “guys you have to send songs to radio, like you have to be like, ‘yeah I’m okay with that’ going which way or the other”.

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That’s when U.S. Radio Updater responded, sharing a screenshot of an email that said Pink Skies had been serviced to Top 40/Mainstream radio stations.

Above the photo, they wrote in the caption, “We posted that the song was sent to US Pop radio as per this email we received. We referred to it as a ‘single’ under the usual assumption that servicing is followed by a single push.”

They added, “We were in contact with someone from Warner today who clarified the wording on that should not have been ‘single’, rather just a song that stations could showcase.

“We are sorry for any distrust or anxiousness this may have caused once outlets began referring to it as a single.”

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After U.S. Radio Updater clarified the situation, Bryan apologised for cursing and described the incident as a misunderstanding.

“Sorry for cursing so much earlier,” he wrote. “It was a misunderstanding and I’ve been watching too much House of Cards on my time off let’s goOOO CALIFORNIA”.

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Pink Skies is the first taste of Zach Bryan’s upcoming album, The Great American Bar Scene.

Bryan recently revealed that the album would contain 16 songs and a poem, stating that his new music may be his best yet. The singer said the release has the vibes of a “depressed and hopeful summer vacation” and added that The Great American Bar Scene will be “dropped on someone’s head any day now”.

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