Zach Bryan’s Free Album Plan For Ticket Holders

May 29, 2024 - News

If you’re seeing Zach Bryan on his Quittin’ Time tour in the US, you can receive a free live recording of the show you attended.

Announced on X (formerly known as Twitter) earlier this month, Bryan wrote of the idea that would please bootleg collectors and people who enjoy live albums: “this is the quittin time tour and we’re giving physical tickets at the door.

“There’s a QR code on that ticket; soon, whether you’ve already attended a show or if you’re going to, you can scan that and get a complete live recording of the show you attended besides unreleased tunes”.

Some fans questioned the validity of the new method of hearing their concert all over again, but others confirmed that it was indeed real. Complimenting Bryan’s idea, one fan wrote, “This is brilliant and the type of stuff that all artists should be doing. Way to pave the way Zach!”

Another said, “This is such a cool idea! More people should do that!”

Another fan shared an image of their physical ticket (from March 2024) and a prompt for them to sign up for a free recording of their show, showing that the free download of their concert recording was available.

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On Reddit, users continue discussing the free live recordings and inform those who didn’t know it was happening. Make sure you request a physical ticket if you’ve purchased online and only have a ticket on your phone.

Zach Bryan’s Quittin Time American tour continues all the way to December, luckily with some breaks between all the dates.

Last week, Bryan teased his forthcoming album, The Great American Bar Scene, and confirmed that the record would have 16 songs and a poem. Plus, he dropped the highly anticipated new song Pink Skies.

Stating that his new music may be his best yet, Bryan told a fan on X that his upcoming album is a “slow one” with the vibes of a “depressed and hopeful summer vacation”. He added that The Great American Bar Scene will be “dropped on someone’s head any day now”.

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