Jake Whittaker Invites You To Do A 'Shoey' In His New Music Video

April 16, 2024 - News

2024 Toyota Star Maker finalist Jake Whittaker is seeking audience involvement for his new music video, asking you—or anyone you know—to do a shoey.

His latest single, Shoey, is an epic party starter. The singer spotlights a pretty gross, communal Aussie celebratory tradition. The song is already fun to listen to, and Whittaker plans to release an equally fun music video.

To get involved, all you need to do is tag Whittaker, send him a video of yourself doing a shoey, or use the hashtag #doashoeywithme with your videos. On Instagram, he added that videos don’t strictly have to involve you drinking out of a boot, sneaker, or stiletto, but you do need to bring the party vibe of the song.

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If you’re partaking in a shoey, your drink of choice can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, and all you need to do is “celebrate camaraderie, good times, and the spirit of country music in a fun and inclusive way.”

In a press release, Whittaker said about the project, “We wanted to do something different with the music video, something that brings everyone together in a playful and engaging way.

“The shoey concept is a nod to our Australian heritage, and by inviting fans and fellow artists to participate, we’re creating a memorable experience that reflects the joy and camaraderie of country music.”

You can listen to Shoey below.

Last May, Jake Whittaker shared his ode to having a “damn good ole time” with Drink To That.

He said about the song, “I always wanted to write a drinking song and one day, I was in the pub, and someone said, ‘I’ll drink to that’, I thought to myself, that’s a drinking song title.

“It’s all about having fun and being silly. I want people to raise their glasses in the air to this because the whole idea of the song is that there’s no real reason to drink, but we’re making up excuses to do it.”

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