Josh Setterfield Shares Video For 'Something That You Just Might Like'

March 28, 2024 - News

ARIA-charting artist and Wangi Wangi’s own Josh Setterfield has released a music video to pair with his newest release, Something That You Just Might Like

Originally released in February this year, Setterfield unveiled that the track was a product of the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns, made as a way to break the ice on his long bout of writer’s block. 

“I had to FORCE myself to write a song,” he said in a lengthy Instagram post celebrating the single’s release, even admitting that he initially hated the song. “Fast forward 2 weeks and this song was stuck in my head BIG time so for a laugh when shows started again, I played it for the first time on a tour to gauge the crowd’s reaction.…and they went WILD for it!

“I started to think maybe it wasn’t as throwaway as I thought… So I fixed up some of the lyrics and fell in love with the song.”

The simplicity of the song’s message of “tipping beers back, listening to the soundtrack of a country girl swinging with her boots on” is reflected in the music video. The clip takes place in a neon-lit pub filled with arcade machines and a pool table, although it was originally supposed to be choc-full of cars and parties with the assistance of a professional videography team. 

“As we got closer to filming it, things weren’t really lining up and I’m so glad It fell through… This is my favourite music video I’ve released,“ he reflected warmly on the Facebook announcement for the video’s release. 

Setterfield commented why this music video, in particular, was his favourite: “Instead of a big production, this is just me & a couple of my closest friends simply hanging out. We shot this on my own camera… in my house. Yes, this ‘arcade venue’ you’re seeing is in my garage haha.”

“Every smile in this video is real. Nothing was forced or planned,” he admitted. “…it’s officially my favourite JS music video to date because everything is real.”

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