Luke Bryan Slips On Fan’s Phone During Concert

April 22, 2024 - News

Taking his “trip” to Vancouver literally, Luke Bryan slipped on a phone thrown onstage during his set at Coast City Country Festival this past weekend, landing directly on his back.

Laughing the major mishap off, the Country Girl singer stood up and immediately asked the crowd, “Did anybody get that?” 

Before showing his audience a recap of the fall, Bryan turned to the fan who caused the incident, throwing them their phone and telling them “it’s okay”.

He didn’t let them off too easily though, jokingly saying, “My lawyer will be calling.”

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Another fan handed the musician their phone, where they’d recorded everything on Snapchat.

“Oh, you’re Snapchatting? You can’t Snapchat the shit,” Bryan said as he grabbed the phone.

Getting the production team in on the fun, he asked them to zoom in on the video of the fall, replaying the incident on the big screen, over and over again – much to the delight of his fans.

Posing triumphantly with the phone in his hand, he shouted, “There it is!”

“Hey, I needed something viral. This is viral, alright?”

Despite the hard fall, he played the rest of his set smoothly. 

This isn’t the first time a concertgoer has injured a musician by throwing various items onstage. Harry Styles was hit in the eye last year with a projectile a fan threw at him, and Bebe Rexha suffered a similar fate with a phone to the face.

But Bryan himself is no stranger to mid-show slips. This is the third time he’s taken a tumble on stage. During his 2022 Raised Up Right tour in Raleigh, the singer fell while dancing. And, way back in 2014, Bryan fell off stage completely at the PNC Music Pavilion, cutting his leg and requiring stitches. 

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