'So We Just All Got Bamboozled Huh': Fans React To Delayed Post Malone & Morgan Wallen Music Video

May 10, 2024 - News

Fans have taken to the YouTube upcoming premiere chat to air out their disappointment over Post Malone delaying the music video for his duet with Morgan Wallen, I Had Some Help.

As Countrytown reported earlier today, the music video for I Had Some Help was due to premiere at midnight ET (2 pm AEST), but if you check the YouTube link now, you’ll see that the premiere has been delayed by nine hours and will now play on Friday at 10 am ET (midnight Saturday AEST).

The nine-hour delay has upset some fans who have stayed up late in their multiple time zones (or took a lunch break early in Australia or New Zealand).

“We are gonna be some grumpy jamming people,” one fan wrote, with another commenting, “Not sleeping until this drops challenge,” and another quipping, “So we just all got bamboozled huh”. Others are upset that the music video will premiere while they’re in class, which is never fun.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, commenters seem stoked that the song is officially out, while saving some criticism for the final mix of the track.

Post Malone has been teasing with snippets of I Had Some Help for weeks, and some fans are used to the clips he’s posted with “more rasp” in the chorus.

I Had Some Help is out now – you can check it out below.

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In November, Post Malone confirmed that he was preparing to release a country album.

“Country record is coming,” the Chemical singer and rapper said in a Twitch livestream as fans asked him if he’d dip into country music. “I keep singing a song that we made while I was in Nashville, and it’s so fucking sick, but it’s not out.”

Revealing that he’s been in the studio working on two different albums – whether they’re both country-related is unsure – Post Malone continued, “We made such sick music down in Nashville. It was so much, so much fun.”

Stay tuned for the official video premiere of I Had Some Help.

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